What Happens If Two of the Greatest Grapplers meet? - 14/07/2012

So What Happens If Two of the Greatest Grapplers meet? People often fantasise about what would happen if two of the greatest in any sport might meet, some sports like football and rugby you will often see these match ups on a fairly regular basis but in fighting its much rarer. This is probably because true greats dont come along every day also the window of time that someone can stay in their prime is much smaller in combat sports and with weight groups making some fights even less likely its a wonder that we ever see two greats in their prime fight!
What would happen if Muhammed Ali fought Tyson or even more recent Anderson Silva Vs GSP or Anderson Vs Jon Jones - all up for debate but back in 2004 Two Greats in their Prime did meet, in the Tijuca Tennis Clube in Rio Roger Gracie 10 times Black Belt World Champion (7 weight 3 Absolute) faced off against Marcelo Garcia (multiple world champion and multiple ADCC champion) in the Absolute Tournament - I believe it was the quarter or semi finals......... 

Heres a break down of the fight, sometimes when two good guys meet they cancel each other out but this fight was no snooze fest!

28s Marcelo pulls butterfly guard and immediately trys for a hook sweep

Roger applies some good top pressure until Marcelo attempts another sweep 

1m15 Roger almost passes and ends up with a loose mounted triangle but is pushed to his back gaining an advantage for the near pass

1.54 with Roger now on his back Marcelo applies the passing pressure and secures half guard for an advantage

2m41 Roger performs a great rollover half guard sweep gaining top position and 2 points, he comes close to mounting and again sits back to guard with a loose triangle which Marcelo defends with Roger picking up another advantage for almost mounting. Marcelo continues to try and pass and Roger comes up on a single leg that moves them out of bounds and the fight is re started on the feet.

3m36 Marcelo collar drags from standing and Roger sprawls and again almost secures mount but eventually secures side control for 2 points

4m32 Roger attempts to mount but is reversed to his guard

5m23 Notice the Brabo grip that Roger secures, one of my favourite grips, its great for keeping your opponents posture broken

5m58 Marcelo goes to combat base and Roger uses the 'Roger Gracie Sweep' to go on top for 2 points

6m10 Marcelo attempts an X guard sweep for an advantage

7m52 Roger passes to half guard for an advantage

8m32 Roger passes to side control for 2 points

9m10 Roger attempts to mount and does a nice switch to a far side knee slide pass but as Roger passes Marcelo uses the momentum to reverse gaining 2 points and during the scramble goes to Rogers back with 1 hook in, Roger diligently defends the second hook and Marcelo switches to a bow and arrow choke that looks deep.
Roger escapes the choke and goes on top, Marcelo picks up an advantage for the choke attempt, Roger looks to mount.....and the match ends
Final Score Marcelo Garcia 2 points 2 advantages Roger Gracie wins with 8 points 5 advantags.

This Match is a lesson in active jiu jitsu
Watch the full fight here