Coaching Effectively - 30/06/2012

Posted by Kev Capel

It seems like at Rga Bucks the last couple of months has been competition after competition, with members of the team competing as far a field as L.A and Abu Dhabi or a bit closer to home in Birmingham and Hereford, we have put in a strong showing at tournaments big or small. Personally I never felt that a coach would be a deciding factor of the outcome of a fight, I often believed that all the work had been done by the time you stepped on the mat and the difference having a coach there or not was negligable - however having spoke to a number of the competitors from the club and seeing first hand the difference it makes when myself or another team mate shouts the right thing to someone in the middle of a contest it has led me to change my mind on the matter, heres a nice article written by Valerie Worthington on the subject: