High Percentage Techniques in BJJ - 21/05/2012

comp statistics The folks at bishopbjj put together this great statistical breakdown of what works in competition, they took a large cross section of the recent Pan 2012 championships looking at various Belt and weight groups, worth a look for all levels especially if your building or rebuilding your competition game,
Pay particular attention to the first to score statistics as we do quite alot of first to score training at RGA Bucks

 Source: these guys did a series of excellent articles where they deconstructed the 2012 Pan Am. This is the result of their research.

We analysed what were the most successful techniques from the 2012 Pan Ams black belt matches. The numbers speak for themselves:


Other data:

- Study includes 72 matches from 2012 Pan Ams

- Consists of Black Belt Adult and Masters Divisions

- Includes a cross section of every weight class